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HIST1F90 Module Three: Lesson Three, January 27, 2012. *extremely organized and vast amount of information*

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Elizabeth Vlossak

1IMPERIAL GERMANY 18711918HIST1F90 January 27 2012 1871 Unification of Germany in November of 1918 World War I ends with Germany losingWilhelmine Germany 18901918 in this new era there is a certain factor and characteristic that distinguish it from the Bismarckian era question the continuityWilhelm II 18881918The end of BismarckGermany IndustrializesoRapid pace of industrialization on the eve of WWI Germany becomes the most powerful economic countryoRecognize the consequences of the rapid industrializationA modern nationoModern stateempireoGermany at this time is very hierarchaltraditionaloDemocratic side to it but very proletarian oKey elements as to how Hitler came to powerDemocracy never had the chance to flourishoThe other side of the argument Germany is extremely modern as they industrialize quicklyoClash between Modern Element and Traditional Elements which makes Germany a unique countryunique development Weltpolitik World PoliticsoLooking overseas and creating Germany as a World Power not only on European territory but worldwideoProblems of Imperial GermanyoForeign policy adapted by Kaiser Wilhelm IIoShift in politicsoReplacing Bismarcks realpolitikThe Nature of Wilhelms EmpireoAllows us to compare and contrast to Bismarcks empire and future policiesGermany on the eve of the Great War The End of BismarckMarch 1888 Wilhelm I diesHis successor Frederick dies in June 1888 after a couple months of reigningWilhelm II takes the throne and becomes emperoroMan that controlled Germanys future after 1888 and 1890 when he dismisses BismarckoHis father was married to one of Queen Victorias daughters relatives to EnglandoLoathed his mother
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