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Hitler Monday, November 5 , 2012 HIST 1F95 Outline: 1. Weimar 2. National Socialism 3. Triumph of the Will Key Terms: Weimar Reichstag Ruhr Valley Adolf Hitler Volk National Socialist German Worker’s Party Nazi Mein Kampf Friedrich Nietzsche Richard Wagner Untermensch Übermensch Lebensraum Reich Eugenics Action 14 Horst Wessel Lied Paul von Hindenburg Führer Triumph of the Will Leni Rienfenstahl Germany 1918- republic with hopes of liberal and democratic government. “Weimar” republic- civil liberties, universal suffrage (including women). The first five years were a struggle as there was a resistance of taxes. In 1923, France occupied Ruhr River Valley, a very industrialized area and therefore very important to the German economy. In 1923, there was the Weimar Inflation- economy was on the verge of collapse. Communist threatened to overthrow government. Weimar government survived in spite of challenges. Recovered from Weimar Inflation and occupation of Ruhr Valley for two reasons: 1. France decreased Germany’s reparation payments 2. US encourages investments in Germany to help them recover By mid-1920’s Weimar republic was doing very well. However, “left” communists and “right” nationalists resisted Weimar republic. If Weimar republic had been able to uphold middle class support, they would have survived. Further, the Great Depression posed another issue. Hitler was Austrian by birth. Attempted to become an artist in his teens. Moved to Germany to avoid Austrian drafting. Ironically, he joined the German army, where he did very well. After the war he became dedicated to undoing the damage done to Germany by the Treat
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