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David Boyk

Iron Curtain Monday, November 26 , 2012 HIST 1F95 Outline: 1. From Ally to Antagonist 2. The Truman Doctrine 3. The German Question Key Terms: “The East is Red” Igor Gouzenjo Yalta Conference (February 1945) Nuremburg Tribunal George Lennon The Long Telegram Iron Curtain Marshall Plan Berlin Airlift From Ally to Antagonist How did the Cold War come about? No clear beginning: 1. Some say dates back to 1700s with the Russian Revolution 2. Modern theory- WWII with Stalin’s guiding principle to create a “buffer” around Russia 3. Nothing more than an inevitable geo-political conquest can’t be two #1’s! The Cold War was never officially declared. Igor Gouzenko worked at the embassy of Soviet Union in Ottawa in 1943. Job was to encrypt classified information from Ottawa to Soviet Union. Information about spy rings that were located in Canada and the US. When Canada discovered Soviet Union has spies in North America there was a “chilling” in relations. The Big Three- 1945. Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met at Yalta Conference to discuss post-war plans.  Divided Germany up to be governed by the allies  Some disagreement about what to be done with Poland: Churchill wanted Poland to be free and sovereign. Stalin disagreed- thought that a rival, pro- Soviet Union government should be established.  Post years: Soviet Union and Allies cooperated enough to divide up Germany. The Nuremburg Tribunal (1950) was a conference where powers determined war crimes. Soviet Union and Japan never signed a peace treaty because the Soviet Union still occupied Japanese Islands. Iran, Turkey and Greece Soviet Union kep
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