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Origins of WWI Monday, September 24, 2012 HIST 1F95 1. Rise of Germany 2. Ententes and Alliances 3. Nationalism/Decline of Austria Key Terms: Mitteleuropa Hohenzollern Hapsburg Wilhelm I (r. 1861-1888) Prussia Otto von Bismarck Wilhelm II (r. 1881-1918) Weltpolitik Entente Cordiale (1904) Triple Entente (Britain, France and Russia) Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy) Nationalism Joseph Haydn Franz-Joseph (r. 1848-1916) Serbia Rise of Germany th  Erupted in August 1914 and ended November 11 1918  In 1871 Wilhelm I won war making himself a great power of Europe. Named Germany. Named Germany an “empire”. This caused a great sense of nationalism amongst German people. This also causes Europe to be reshaped. Only the power of Great Britain remained unaffected. Notably, Austro-Hungary and France lost come of their power as Germany rose.  Tension in Europe increased.  Otto von Bismarck dominated German politics until 1890. He worked hard to “keep the peace” in Europe. Convinced Europe that after 1871 Germany had all the land it desired- by doing so he hoped to convince the world that Germany wouldn’t be a threat.  Change in German monarchy in 1888- Wilhelm I died and was replaced by his grandson Wilhelm II. Wilhelm II believed in Germany’s success. Unfortunately he was very opinionated, “a bully”, and had a rude/unpleasant temperament. A popular story is of his left hand birth defect- he took great pleasure in using his right hand and signet ring to crush the hands of people as they shook. Another interesting point is that he was the grandson of Queen Victoria.  Wilhelm II very quickly fired chancellor (Bismarck). It took restraint and realism to keep foreign affairs friendly- traits Wilhelm II lacked.  Wilhelm II let Russian alliance expire led to the Franco-Russian alliance against Germany.  Wilhelm II had expansive European ambitions. Tried to establish British alliance, but failed and sulked. Therefore the Germans made things difficult for G.
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