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Reform and Resistance Monday, October 1, 2012 HIST 1F95 Outline: 1. Learning from the Barbarians 2. Meiji Restorations 3. Boxer Rising Key Terms: Port Arthur Togo Shogun Commodore Matthew Perry Samurai Ronin Kyoto Tokyo Mutsuhito (r. 1867-1912 aka Meiji Emperor) Meiji Restoration Tongzhi Restoration Yi-he quan Legation quarter Learning from the Barbarians  Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905  February 4 1904, Port Arthur (Manchuria) was not expecting attack. Russian fleet assembled to attack. Japanese attacked with torpedoes first.  Naval war- Japan held upper hand during the entire war.  Land- Japan never met Russia in decisive battle because the Russians kept retreating.  Russian attempts to avoid Japanese were hopeless. Within a year both Korea and southern Manchuria were in Japanese hands.  This war was the first time in which a non-European power defeated a European power. Most dramatic example of the ability to learn from Western example.  Japan became a world adversary.  Modern warfare became more advanced.  During the 19 century the world realized in order to combat Europeans they must learn from them. “Learning from the Barbarians”. Idea that you must learn from you enemies in order to resist them. The Russo-Japanese war in 1905 was an example of this. th  Japan first met Europeans in 16 century for trading purposes. Japan eventually closed itself off to the outside world, expect for a small trading post they maintained with the Dutch (who weren’t interested in influencing the Japanese). Foreigners actually risked death if they chose to enter Japanese territory.  Real political power in Japan was held by Shogun, who managed to keep seclusion.  By mid-19 century Europeans (including North Ameri
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