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Versailles Monday, October 1, 2012 HIST 1F95 Outline: 1. The Wages of War 2. The Winners 3. The Peace Key Terms: Woodrow Wilson Old diplomacy Fourteen Points League of Nations David Lloyd George (British representative) Georges Clemenceau (French representative) Czechoslovakia Yugoslavia Rhineland Reparation The Wages of War  The human cost of the Great War was 10 millions dead, with twice as many wounded. European map had to be reordered after the “mostly continental” war was over (primarily fought in Europe). Britain still seemed supreme, but the rest of European countries would be forever altered.  The countries that were once world creditors were now “debtees”.  Germany was in ruins.  Austro-Hungary and Ottoman Empire broke into smaller nation states. The Winners  By early 1919, Allies met at Versailles to construct a peace contract. Headed by Woodrow Wilson (who dismissed old diplomacy). He envisioned a peace without “victors or vanquished”. He wanted a treaty based on equity and fairness. He wanted countries to be able to rule themselves, and not by an empire. He wanted to dispose of Arms Races, colonial systems and secret alliances. He was a complete idealist.  Most important of Wilson’s 14 points was the last- construction of a “League of Nations” that would serve as a peace council.  There was no way Europe could be redrawn to suit everyone perfectly.  Throughout the war, Britain and France promised their people that Germany would be made to pay reparations- $$$ for the damages to civilian property during the war.  The allies all had different ideas of what they wanted to come out of the meeting at Versailles.  Allies neg
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