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WWII in Asia Monday, November 26 , 2012 HIST 1F95 Outline: 1. Aggression in China 2. The Axis 3. The Pacific War Key Terms: Khalkin Gol/Nomonhan Marco Polo Bridge Chongqing Nanjing Pearl Harbour Admiral Yamamoto Franklin Roosevelt Midway Harry Truman Hiroshima Nagasaki Emperor Hirohito (r. 1926-1989) Aggression in China Divisions between the army and the nation. In May 1932, army and navy officers assassinated the prime minister. In 1936 there was an attempted coup d’état. Khalkin Gol- battle between Japanese and soviets in Outer Mongolia. In the late 1930’s, over ½ of Japanese military leaders were killed. The Japanese diplomats in 1939 took a very Pro-Western stance. By 1940 Japan wanted an alliance with Europe. Japan/Germany/Italy axis alliance. Japanese wanted to cut off Chinese supply routes. Navy was worried the Americans would place an oil embargo on Japan. The Axis Summer 1941, American sympathies were with the British, however the US had not yet directly involved in the war. The Germans attacked Russia combined with request for Japan to attack Russia also. July 2 1941, Japan decided to attack Russia if Germany proved successful. Japan ignored Germany’s request because Germany proved unsuccessful. 90% Japan’s oil supplies were cut when Americans placed a total embargo on oil supplies to Japan. Japan needed oil to pursue this fight, the military decided to go to war. Aim- Carve out sphere where they could control themselves more efficiently. Japan assumed Americans would not fight in Asia. Japan wanted to give Americans a “bloody nose”- Pearl Harbour sank 7 battleships and ruined several planes. Japan’s plan was based on the assumption that Americans would collapse under attack. Japan miscalculated American power. Roosevelt claimed that Pearl Harbour
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