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HIST 1F96 Lecture Notes - Puritans

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Maureen Lux

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Three Worlds before Collision:
Europe and Africa
1. Medieval Europe and “Black Death”
2. 15th Century and the Development of Nation States
3. Protestant Reformation: Puritans
4. English Society
5. French Society
6. Spain and the Reconquest
7. Africa
8. The How And Why of Exploration
Medieval Europe and “Black Death”
Black Death moves through Europe (1347 – 1352):
Bubonic plague wipes out about a 1/3 of the population of Europe.
A bacterial infection spread from rats to people via the fleas.
Bubonic stands for the bubous or the pus filled bloody nodes.
Treatment for this was to drain a litre of blood.
The disease was caused by Jupiter, Saturn and Mars aligning.
Physicians told patients to: flee quickly, go far, and come back slowly.
Seen as punishment from god.
Jews were accused of punishing Christian wells.
Quarantine comes from the Italian word 40 days.
Ships stayed off shore of Italy for forty days if there was plague on
All societies cope.
Protestant Reformation: Puritans
Martin Luther:
Only one Catholic Church in Europe, run by the pope
Church very corrupt
Could be freed of sins for a donation
Luther attacks the church
Told they could access God by reading the bible
Printed bibles, translated it from Latin to German
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