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Slavery and race in the 19th century

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Tami Friedman

thSlavery and race in the 19 century Monday January 16 2012Slavery the basics Forms of unfree labor y Indentured Servitude white Europeans signed a contract that bound them to work for someone within a 47 year period A European that migrated to the Americas didnt have resources to get there The idea was that by the end of the contract the person would have worked for a master while being fed clothed and house Upon release of this contract the slave would be given land money clothing etc to get them started on their new life This was a temporary form of free labor y Debt Peonage Done by colonial landowners against native people It bound them to the land and a worker was tied to a particular placemaster because debt was owedy Slavery some people owned other people Slaves were property of other people meaning that they owned wealth More slaves meant more wealth Reference to owning lots of land Slaves are both property and labor Slavery was a system of violence torture and danger Not just a labor system but also a racial system Laws were in place that masters were to provide food clothing and shelter for slaves They had to take care of slaves that were sick old dying This was dependen
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