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HIST 1F96 Winter Lecture 3

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Brock University
Tami Friedman

January 23 2012 HIST Winter Lecture 3 Territorial expansion and indigenous dissent y Expanding territorial boundaries y Expansionism a nationalist project y Nativenewcomer conflict in the nineteenth century o United states o Canada o Latin America y Indigenous adaptation and resistanceterritorial expansion was often harmfulnational boundaries are the product of decisions people made in response to conflict expanding national boundaries often meant that you were expanding into other properties these decisions often resulted in war and often were made due to warWar and expansion y Seven Years War French and Indian War y American Revolution y War of 1812 y USMexico War y Civil War Iroquois fought with the British in American Revolution to be sure to keep their land people couldnt buy native land unless federal government said OKslave holders began to move more west because they wanted more land to hold slaves American slave holders were bringing their slaves into Mexico in 1830 Mexican government put halt to immigration because Mexico had abolished slavery slave holders wanted to bring slave states into US as people moved westward the question of where they settled would they allow or ban slavery
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