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HIST 1F96 Winter Lecture 4

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Brock University
Tami Friedman

January 30 2012 HIST Winter Lecture 4 Previous lecture Latin America y Undermining communal landholding y Debt peonagewage labour Previously looked specifically at Argentina In Peru believed indigenous communal land should be broken up into individual properties owned by individual families didnt break up large estates owned by Creole elites the elites wanted to ensure a labour force of indigenous people on their estates and wanted some of the broken up land thtribute was abolished in the 1850s however economic expansion in the late 19 century particularly the production of natural resources led to greater encroachment on indigenous land by the 1980s with the development of railroads mining and other technological advancements there was intense effort to get broken up land and impose labour on native people In Mexico a liberal government confiscated both Catholic churches and native land which was sold to large estates Porfirio Diaz was a general and established a dictatorship called a Porfiriato he was a conservative who favoured large land owners and declared indigenous peoples land fare game unless they had proof it was theirs which most did not 80 of all Mexicans were landlessindigenous people lived under debt peonageinherited debt of family they were subject to labour conscription where they were required to work for planters for a specific number of days large land owners got more access to land indigenous people were dispossessed of their land and became a labour force not working for wages type of system of capitalism without paid labour
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