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HIST 1F96 Winter Lecture 5

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Tami Friedman

February 6 2012 HIST Winter Lecture 5 Industrial Revolutions y The railroad to industry o The Canadian case o The US example y Industrial expansion a comparison o Why a US powerhouse y The impact of industrializationgilded age a period when everything changed nd2 industrial revolution produced great inequality between elite class and working class social conflict and disorder also resulted in workers to unite to preserve a working class culture some people valued their working culture more than nationalism white workers excluded Chinese workers to eliminate competitionCanadas economy between years 18151830 was based on agricultural products more than 90 of product involved fish timbre grain Canada exchanged its natural resources with Britain for finished goods this changed in the 1840s when Britain got rid of its trading within its colonies and adopted free trade Canada no longer had preferential trading with Britain as Britain wanted to trade with everyone Welland canal and Lachine canal were major trade routes investors turned to railroads after 1850 railroad building companies got a lot of support from governmentWhy were railroads so important y Facilitated national markets y Served as major employers y Stimulated growth of other industries that supplied railroads y Stimulated growth of consumergoods industries more significant in US
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