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Lecture 6

HIST 1F96 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Triangular Trade, Portuguese Africans, Scurvy

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Tami Friedman

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Land and Labour in the British Colonies
October 29th, 2013
Terms: scurvy, subsistence farming, triangular trade
Indigenous Slavery:
-Initially see Natives as slaves
-Natives captives are primary focus in engaging wars
-Native slavery isn’t successful (Natives can escape because they know the land,
hostility, reversed gender roles (women farmed too) and diseases) because the
population dropped
1. Indentured Servitude:
-Passage is paid in return for 5-7 years of service
-When freed, slaves would receive 50 acres of land
-Peasants had an opportunity to become landowners
-Servants were treated as property (bought, sold, traded, gambled, willed in
-Servants could be whipped and were given lengthened contracts for offences
2. Effects of Declining Mortality Rate:
-In early Virginia, most slaves died before their contract ended
-1660’s, mortality rate drops (deeper wells, orchards, better conditions on
transatlantic passage, fewer Indian attacks)
-Now indentured slaves live out their contracts and start growing tobacco
-More production of tobacco, decreases its cost
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