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Lecture 8

HIST 1F96 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Repartimiento, Bicameralism, Sovereign Council Of New France

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Tami Friedman

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Politics in the New World
November 12th, 2013
**Spanish and French politics barely have a sense of democracy (no elections,
most people were appointed and sent from Europe); British political policies have
democracy based on wealth (inheritance)
1. Royal Administration in Spanish Colonies:
-1492-1524, Conquistadors had political power over territories conquered
-1524, Spain creates council of Indies (oversaw political power over colonies;
appointed officials, coded laws, detail geography, history and population, etc.)
-Spanish colonies had two viceroyalties (New Spain with capital Mexico City; Peru
with Lima)
Vice Royalties:
-Each was led by a viceroy – tasks:
Increase royal revenues
Defend colonies
Relations with Natives
-Viceroy’s powers were theoretically limited by Council of Indies (but thousands of
miles away)
-Local affairs were led by audiencias (local councils appointed by Spanish
-Viceroy and audiencias could create and enforce laws
2. Provincial Administration:
-Only form of provincial government was the Town Councils (Cabildos)
-Cabildos were elected, but notoriously corrupt
-Dominated by wealthy landowners who enriched themselves by:
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