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Lecture 1

HIST 1F96 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Limited Voting, Venezuela, Peninsulars

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Tami Friedman

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National Independence
January 7th, 2014
The Meaning of National Independence:
-What is national independence?
-Why Latin American independence?
-Contradictions in the struggle for sovereignty
-In the wake of independence
-Legacies: independence for whom?
Why Latin American Independence?
-Encroachment by Spanish monarchy
Introduced a more extensive control of colonies
Creoles resented intrusion from the Crown
-Enlightenment ideals and practices
Liberal ideas from England, France, US and Haiti
Ideas about constitutional government vs. divine right of kings
Socially marginalized groups were influenced by these ideals
-Military conflict in Europe
1808, Napoleon invades Spain and Portugal – Spanish king overthrown,
Portugal king moves to colony
Spanish colonies develop so that they can have a power vacuum – who will
A constitution is written in Spain
Creoles want independence; the elimination of the Spanish Crown is their
opportunity, but in 1814 when the Crown is reinstated the idea is scrapped
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