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Tami Friedman

HIST 1F96January 23 2012Lecture 3Territorial Expansion and indigenous dissentExpanding territorial boundariesFor some it was a positive experience that helped people discover who they are a sense of national pride for others the process of territorial expansion was a devastating experience and in some cases destroyed land and peopleThe concept of nation building does not require an independent nationThese national boundaries are decisions made over a long period of time They were often contended for you were usually expanding into someone elses territory Decisions often resulted in war and from war War and ExpansionSeven Years war British won war and in 1783 said that there should be no British settlement on European land Also Indian land could only be sold to the British crown This changed with the American RevolutionAmerican Revolution Iroquois sided with the Amerians because they knew that they would be able to presser their land The British lost and gave up the territory south of their great lakes Initially the government followed the British lead but it soon went by the wayside with population growth in the US and a send of power and a desire of people to move further west because of crowding In 1803 The US purchased the Louisiana territory from the FrenchWar of 1812 The US won the war was started by British harassment but the war was pushed forward by British expansionist the wanted Canada and Florida The condition of native people was weakened Tecumseh agreed to comply with the British for if they won they would return this area South of the great lakes The United States got firm control of that land There was a lot of immigration to th
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