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Tami Friedman

Monday March 5 2012 Womens Way Forward in Latin AmericaWomens rights a contradictory legacyMaternalism RacismnativismMany advocates of white suffrage support womenAsian Canadians could not vote till 1940sAfrican Americans in the US south could not vote until 1960 as a result of the civil rights movement and women getting the power to vote did not mean that African American women were about to vote as wellSexual mortalityIt was extremely difficult for women to promote things because women who had sex were considered to be disloyalLessons that we can take from this women actually achieved a lot without having the right to vote its possible for women to make advancesHaving the right to vote did not translate into progress for women just because they could vote did not mean that they could have birth control Challenges from withoutChallenges have persisted with birth control Today it is not illegal and they are trying to make it free to all women to use by being covered by insurance companiesEconomic Crisis and social unrest in the 1930sThe great depression what happenedGoal wanted state to step in and assist people who were suffering when it wasnt available they stepped in themselvesMany were fighting for social justice but were worried about containing and controllingLasted until 1939 when world war 2 beganWhat triggered it Speculators borrowing money to invest in the stock market ultimately they created a stock bubble that burst and prices fell They invested heavily in stock market and lost lots of money when it crashed They could not collect on loans that they had made Germany stopped paying which made everyone else stop paying US economy in 20s was based on production of consumer goods but distribution of wealth in the consumer economy was too uneven to support mass production of goods Company produced
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