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17 Apr 2012

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Labour Studies
3 main principles of Taylor’s scientific Management
1. Disassociation off the Labour process from the kills of the workers
2. Separation of conception from execution
-Separating the “thinking” from the “execution”
3. Use management’s acquired monopoly over the knowledge of the work process to
control each and every step of the labour process and it’s mode of execution.
- management to dictate what is to be done, how it is to be done, and exact time
allowed for it to be done
The example of “schmidt”
-time and motion study of pig iron loading at Bethlehem steel
-real person, real name. Henry Noll. (he changed his name)
-he loaded 92 pound iron slabs from the yard onto train
-They used to move 12.5 tons of steel a day
-Henry Noll decided (after “scientific work) that the loaders should be able to move al-
most 4 times more steel every day (1,156 per day) - (every 30 seconds)
-Management Took “schmit” and instructed him on exactly how to move the steel
Real Results
-Schmidt is now paid 1.85 dollars a day (WAS only 1.15 dollars a day.
-(About 60% higher pay)
-But for about 360% more work
-Also, Bethlehem steel was able to reduce it’s yard laborers from about 600 men to 140
-and even for unskilled labour, diminished control, autonomy over work. (in context)
After Taylorization, Henry Noll’s quality of life went in the pit
(Lost his family garden etc. Spent premium pay on booze)
But the ultimate expression of Taylor’s ideas found in organization of work in mass pro-
duction industries still heavily relient on skilled trades and crafts
-such as the autombile industry
-Taylorism/scientific management coupled with new technology and innovation
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