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12 Apr 2012
4/12/2012 6:49:00 AM
January 23rd, 2012
The North-West Rebellion (1185)
Historians and the North-West Rebellion the role of Ottawa and
the role of Riel
Metis in N-W Territories
Louis Riel since 1870
Native people and European settlers in N-W Territories
The Rebellion
Treason Trails
The Metis in the North-West Territories
The move westward
The government did not give them the land that they
had been promised
Sources of Metis discontent
Anxiety about land
Lack of response from Ottawa
Absence of political avenues to express frustration
Louis Riel since 1870
Not granted amnesty fled to US
Elected to Parliament from Manitoba 3 times unable to take up
Insanity or religious experience?
o Spent time in an insane asylum
o Convinced that God had chosen him to lead the Metis
o Louis David Riel, prophet of the New World
Did Riel’s religious ideas enhance his appeal for Métis
Native People and European Settlers in North-West
Ottawa uses starvation to force Native people to settle on reserves
of government’s choice
Cree chiefs Big Bear and Poundmaker
European settlers unhappy that territory not granted provincial
status, lacked political voice
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