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Dan Malleck

HIST 2P60 1 12 September 2013 History of Medicine – Lecture Two Quiz Answers for Week One 1. There were so few imperial physicians because…there were actually many, as the evidence on tombs show 2. Galen removed the innards of an ape…to make other physicians look bad 3. Hildegard treated…there is no way to be certain 4. It was so important for physicians to heal nobles because… it was a good way to rise higher on the social scale 5. The phrase that best characterizes the relationship between physicians in ancient Rome is…physicians were contently in competition for attention and favours of noble clients 6. Galen was most annoyed by…physicians who obtained wealthy patients by pandering to their taste for flattery 7. Mattern spends so much time talking about Galen because…there are more documents about him than anyone else 8. Of physicians who gained their status by following nobles around, Galen…criticized them because they should gain status through prognosis and treatment 9. The connection between ancient Greco-Roman medicine and medieval medicine in Hildegard’s work is…that Greco-Roman medicine’s use of humors may have been based upon agricultural knowledge and was therefore meaningful to medieval people 10. The sentence that best captures the thesis of Mattern’s article is…physicians in ancient Rome used competition and spectacle to boost their social status and improve their notoriety 11. Based on Mattern’s text, Galen’s motivation for treating patients was…either status, praise, money, or all of the above (but not none of the above) 12. What was most significant about Hildegard’s use of the term “viriditas” is…that it was related to the properties of growth and reproduction of both humans and animals 13. Hildegard is most important to medical history because…her writings help us to understand the logic behind medieval medicine 14. According to Sweet, Hildegard wrote her book because…it was probably a manual for nuns in her monastery to be able to treat people 15. The significance of Hildegard’s measurements like “egg shell” and “half-walnut” is…that it shows she drew upon the medical traditions of rural society 16. Hildegard is useful to study for medical history because…her medical writings may tell us a lot about the way medieval medicine was structured Galen to Christianity Greek Hegemony  Colonization and exploration brought with it encounters with other cultures and pharmacopoeias  Greeks became physicians in cosmopolitan areas of the Roman Empire  Greek was the language of medicine Galen  129-201 (?) AD/CE  Son of a wealthy merchant  Physician to gladiators and the imperial army  Prolific writer (over 350 titles)  Developed elaborate “Pulse Lore”  At this time, it was considered im
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