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Lecture 8

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Brock University
Rebecca Beausaert

November 5, 2013 HIST 2Q93 Lecture Movie: “True Women” - Three main characters: o Euphemia (aka “Phemie”) Texas Ashby King – moves to Texas to live with older sister Sarah and her family o Sarah Ashby McClure (sister of Euphemia) – living on Texas frontier with husband Bartlett and younger brother Travis o Georgia Virginia Lawshe Woods (childhood friend of Phemie) – from a cotton- growing and slave-owning family in Georgia; mother is of mixed blood (White and Aboriginal) - “Phemie” was great, great grandmother of author Janice Woods Windle - Windle wrote the book after doing some research on her ancestors in Texas; uses real people, events, and her ancestors’ experiences on the frontier, but elaborates to weave a story together - Story focuses on lives of White, Aboriginal, and African-American women living on the frontiers of the United States (primarily Texas) throughout the 1830s until the end of the nineteenth century - Story begins with the Texas Revolution (or Texas War of Independence) - Questions to consider: 1. Where do you see the subversion of traditional gender roles in the film? In what ways do they maintain traditional gender ideals?  When all the men go to war, all the women and children are grouped together to be taken care of  Women have guns and are fighting back when their camp is raided while still taking care of the children i.e. when Sarah shoots a man and then tends to her crying son  Women use axes to build a raft to cross a river 
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