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Lecture 21

HLSC 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Health Professional, Cold Turkey

Health Sciences
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Dr.Kelli-an Lawrance

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Topic 21 Tobacco
Chapter 16 Toward a Tobacco-Free Self and Society
Contraband Tobacco on Post-Secondary Campuses in Ontario: Analysis of Discarded Cigarette Butts
(Lawrance et al 2013)
Lecturer: Dr. Kelli-an Lawrance
Tobacco who smokes and what are they smoking?
March 16, 2017
Tobacco Use: A Global Health Issue
5 reasons to be concerned about global tobacco use
1. There are 1 billion smokers worldwide; nearly 80% in low- and middle-income countries
a. Tobacco currently kills 6 million people annually (Toronto 6.05 million | Canada 35.7
b. 1 person dies every 6 seconds due to tobacco
c. Tobacco accounts for 1 in 10 adult deaths
d. ½ current users will die of tobacco-related disease
2. By 2030, tobacco will kill 8 million people/year; mostly from low- & middle-income countries
3. Util s, U.“. supplied ost of the old’s toao; o aout % oes fo the gloal
south where tobacco child labor, Green Tobacco Sickness and unprotected use of pesticides are
major problems
a. Only 3- playes i the toao idusty
b. Tobacco grown by farming families and if quality is not good, less money can be given to
the farmer
4. Tobacco harms the global environment
a. Global share of agricultural and devote to tobacco is <1%, but tobacco agriculture
causes 2-4% of global deforestation
b. Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world: 4.5 trillion butts are discarded
each year, killing millions of birds, fish and animals
5. Criminal black markets of contraband untaxed, unregulated, counterfeited or stolen tobacco
products have emerged in Europe, south Asia, USA, Australia and Canada
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a. Contraband tobacco undermines public health strategies to reduce tobacco-related
morbidity and mortality (esp. among price-sensitive populations of youth, low-income
earners and socially-deprived groups)
b. In Canada, especially Ontario, the most-widely available type of contraband tobacco is
Natie toao
Stopping Tobacco Use
To fight the global tobacco epidemic, WHO created Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
o FCTC is one of the most widely embraced treaties in history of United Nations
o “iged y  outies ith % of old’s populatio
Key FCTC strategies
o Ban all tobacco advertising (prevention/policy)
o Require plain packaging and graphic warnings (prevention/policy)
o Raise taxes on tobacco (cessation/policy)
o Assist smokers to quit (cessation/programming)
Industry aggressively markets tobacco to youth; therefore, to prevent uptake, use plain
o Enhances effectiveness of health warnings
o Reduces positive brand appeal among youth
o Reduces false beliefs that one brand is less harmful or will be easier to quit
o Reduces belief that smoking is good for weight control
Smoking is socially contagious; therefore, to prevent uptake and promote cessation, smoke-free
legislation is important
o As of Jauay  , Otaio has
Banned tobacco sales on campus
Further limited smoking in public spaces to include
Parks, playgrounds
Sports fields
All patios
o As of January 1 2016, Ontario has
Included e-cigarettes in all tobacco legislation (e.g., banning sales to minor;
banning use in public places)
Contraband undercuts public health efforts, evades tax laws and contributes to criminal
activities; therefore:
o As of April 14 2015, federal iial la…
Makes trafficking and cross-border smuggling of contraband tobacco a Criminal
Code offence
Mandatory minimum penalties of imprisonment for repeat offenders
As of Jauay , Otaio has
Established formal regulations to impede the flow of raw leaf tobacco to
contraband manufacturers
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find more resources at
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