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Lecture 22

HLSC 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Coronary Artery Disease, Superior Vena Cava, Circumflex Branch Of Left Coronary Artery

Health Sciences
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Dr.Kelli-an Lawrance

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Topic 22 Cardiovascular Disease and Health
Chapter 7 Cardiovascular Health
Evidence of Hyperkinetic State in Children with Elevated Blood Pressure (Chirico et al 2014)
Lecturer: Daniele Chirico
Cardiovascular Health
March 23, 2017
Prevalence of CVD Globally (WHO)
Number 1 cause of death globally
17.5 million death due to CVSD in 2012 (31% of all deaths)
o 7.4million were due to coronary heart disease
Projected that 23.3 million people will die annually in 2030 from CVD
Cardiac Anatomy
Located in the mediastinum (middle of thorax) Top of heart upper right chest, below second
rib and right of sternum
Apex lies just above diaphragm
Chambers of the Heart
o Top of the heart
o Think walls
o Separated by interatrial septum
Right Atrium
o Receives deoxygenated blood from venous system
o Inferior vena cava, superior vena cava, coronary sinus
o Tricuspid valve
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Left Atrium
o Recieves oxygenated blood from pulmonary veins
o 2 mm thick (thicker than right atrium)
o Bicuspid (mitral) valve
Lower chambers larger than the atria
o Pump blood away from the heart via arteries
o Separated by interventricular septum
Right Ventricle
o Triangular in shape
o Superior aspect forms a cone-shaped outflow tract leading to pulmonary artery
o Brings blood to lungs for oxygen
Left Ventricle
o High pressure chamber pumps blood to entire body
o Longer and thicker than right ventricle (3 x thicker)
o Works the hardest
First to get weak and fail
Which chamber receives deoxygenated blood from the periphery?
A. Left ventricle
B. Right atrium*
C. Right ventricle
D. Left atrium
Which chamber of the heart pumps blood to systemic circulation?
A. Left atrium
B. Right atrium
C. Left ventricle*
D. Right ventricle
Heart Valves
Passive movement of blood
Prevent back flow of blood
o Unidirectional movement of blood
Two types of valves
o Atrioventricular (separate atria and ventricles)
o Semilunar
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