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Lecture 10

HLSC 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Epithelium, Prostate Cancer, Oncogene

Health Sciences
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Brent Faught

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Lecture 10 Cancer
November 13th 2012
What is Cancer?
Abnormal cell growth and spread
Possible exam question*** Sarah has cancer, it has spread from the uterus to her ovaries to her
lungs and finally to her brain, what cancer do you think she has? Uterine because the type of
cancer depends on the place of origin.
Cancer is the #1 disease Canadians die from
Based on current incident rates:
- 40% Canadian women will develop cancer in their lifetime
- 45% Canadian men will develop cancer in their lifetime
Based on current mortality rates:
- 24% Canadian women will die from cancer
- 29% Canadian men will die of cancer
- ¼ Canadian approximately die of cancer
Cancer is a result of our choices/actions/genetics
After the age of 70, we have a lower success rate of surviving cancer
Cancer Detection
Screening or Diagnosing ***
DRE (finger)
PSA (blood)
Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Men
#1 in men is prostate cancer
As the detection rates increase, death rate decreases
Lung cancer has a high death rate
Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Women
#1 in women is breast cancer
As detection rates increase, death rates decrease
Lung Cancer has high death rate
What is the #1 way of cancer prevention? *** on exam
Early Detection
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