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Chapter 2: Psychosocial Health

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Health Sciences
Madeline Law

Chapter 2 Psychosocial HealthPeople who are psychosocially healthy share several basic characteristics1Feel good about themselves not overwhelmed respect themselves even though they realize they are not perfect2Feel comfortable with other people do not take advantage of others nor do they allow others to take advantage of them3Control tension and anxiety avoid illogical or irrational thoughts unnecessary aggression hostility excessive excuse making and blaming others for their problems4Are able to meet the demands of life try to solve problems as they rise accept responsibility plan ahead set realistic goals acknowledge change5Curb hate and guilt combat tendencies to respond with hate anger thoughtlessness and selfishness do not take vengeance nor do they allow feelings of inadequacy to build they do not try to knock others aside to get ahead but rather reach out to help otherseven those they may not be fond of6Choose a positive outlook approach each day assuming it will go well7Enrich the lives of others recognize that there are others whose needs may be greater than their own they generally trust others and themselves8Cherish the things that make them smile make a special place in their lives for memories of the past fun is an integral part of their lives9Value diversity do not fear differences10Appreciate and respect nature take the time to enjoy their surroundingsMental Health The Thinking part of youThe rational part of psychological health the ability toperceive things realisticallyuse reasoning in problem solvinginterpret what is happening accuratelyevaluate situations effectively and react appropriatelySharp declines in rational thinking may indicate poor mental healthEmotional Health The Feeling YouSubjective side of psychosocial health interplay between physiological arousal feelings cognitive processes and behavioural reactions Ability to respond appropriately to upsetting or uplifting eventsnot let ones feelings overpower ones selfVary greatly by person and situation vary bc of different Outcomes of poor emotional health include poor social health and academic performance Defining Psychosocial Health ability to adapt to social Social Health Importance of social interactionsSocial bonds linkages and interconnections which Social supports 2provide support1Expressive emotional support and encouragement2Structural friend systems family systems hospitalsPrejudices may indicate poor social healthEmotions1complex2fear3borderline compassion4benefitrewardSpiritual health reflect values can be pet therapy or artPsychosocial Health influenced by family and environmentinternal influences contribute to perception of selfSome key definitionsSelf efficacy practice makes perfect
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