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Health Quality Community Health Science

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Brock University
Health Sciences
Madeline Law

Health Quality Denis Quaid recounts the twin’s drug ordeal Pick out in the video all of the different layers that broke down in this story. It’s better Effectiveness Effectiveness in healthcare refers to the extent to which an intervention, whether a service, visit, procedure Insulting safety example Order set = out of data based on the best evidence available Created a new order set that was the best on international standards Netter for safety of the patients Allow patients to get the best possible care to enhance health outcomes. Patient discharge phone call example Research shows that if patients are called after discharge then they are: More likely to follow up with their physicians which enhances their care and improve clinical outcomes They feel valued and more satisfied with their care. We get more help in the clothing industry Capacity/access/timely Getting services at the right time Getting the services in the appropriate setting Getting the services from the appropriate health professional Efficient It’s pointless stuff that is done, so “putting teeth on robots that don’t eat or bite people” Things that don’t health Equity Its providing care that does not carry in quality because of personal characterises such as gender, ethnicity, geographic locations, and socioeconomic status What does all this mean? If you were to make changes to improve the system where would you start? Health outcomes have a lot to do with the way the system is set up Readings One article – Graham & theatre To develop a clear understanding of the interplay between research, policy and practice To understand factors that influences the development of research policy and practice Today on CBC Dr. Michael Gardam Expert infectious control UHN Evidence says only 60% protection for healthy adults However it is mandatory for those who re in the health professional roles (who are normally within this range of healthy adults) Creating more problems by telling people that they |have t| get the vaccine! Follow up human rights issue, enforcement… Policy came before really good evidence of the development of a really good vaccine Why is this important We need to understand that many factors play in to the implementation of health interventions... What might some of those be? Outbreak situations Novel never seen before issues Money (it’s really expensive) Resources Political will What is research? The systematic investigation into and the study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. Systems Summaries Synopses synthesis studies  Scientific literature in systematic reviews  Scientific literature in one of more journal articles  Public health surveillance data  Program evaluation -community members -other stakeholders  Media/marketing data  Word of mouth  Personal experience Innovation and research drives health improvement Creating research that drives practice and improves life’s All research is focused on learning something new…which in health we assume will lead to some level of improvement to health for individuals or populations Policy A plan of action adopted or pursed by an individual, government, party, business Health policy Decisions, plans and actions that are undertaken to achieve specific health care goals within society (who, 2013) Health policy:  Defines a vision for the future  Helps to establish targets and reference pints for short and medium term  Outlines priorities  Outline expected roles of different groups  Builds consensus  Informs people Heath in all polices Term to recognised “whole of government” approaches for reducing population health inequalities This approach makes formal and sustained use of structures mechanism and actions that are managed mainly outside of the heal
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