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CHSC 2F95 Lecture # 4: Blood and Cardiovascular System: - Blood has multiple components with multiple functions - Heart = highly structured muscle (function varies with in heart region) - Heart muscle contractions are regulated - Structure of arteries/veins vary with function Blood: - Female: 4-5 L - Male: 5-6 L (more than females because of body mass/structure) - Transports: gas, food, waste, product (hormones), and buffer to help with the heart regulation - Protection: cellular, antisoody (fluid component of the immune system), fluid loss (cogulation) - Regulation: tissue fluid volume and context 2 basic components of blood: 1. Plasma (mostly water, consists of plasma proteins, solutes and water as well) 2. Formed elements (platelets, WBC, RBC) Erothrocytes: - Carry O2 (has hemoglobin, gives the red colour to RBC) - Concave structure - RBC’s transport O2 and CO2 - Nitrogen (N) = most common molecule in air (70-79%) - Granulocytes: Neutrophils (phagocytosis= engulfs pathogens to get rid of them) , Esnophils (suppress inflammatory response: get slapped in face, the red mark after is made from this), Basnophils (produce histamine (allergies)) - Agranulocytes: Monocytes (phagocytosis), lymphocytes ( mature to plasma cells, produce Ab, direct cellular attack - Platlets: clotting (blood) and cogulation - Ab+ (blood types:) take any blood types - 0- :gives to all blood types - A A only - B  B only - Rh (mom is Rh- and dad is Rh +) - Placental tears= Rh+ ag enters moms circulation - Anti Rh+ and ab produced in men = sensitization - Next pregnancy matural Rh+ ab could enter fetus and circulate rupturing fetals RBC’s - Most serious outcome =death of the baby (erythrobitikutosis fetalis) - Heart is made up of striated muscle and cardiac - H
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