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Lecture 5

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Health Sciences
B Jeynes

Chsc Lecture # 5 th October 7 13 Lymphatic system - Intimately associated with cardiovascular system - Helps regulate tissue/fluid pressure - Immunocompetent cells are part of the immue system: most significant part - Structured to encounter antegins to pathogens: divided by lymph and blood - Functions: - Lymphocytopiesis - Participation in immune reactions - Phagocyctosis activity (filtration) - Fluid blood balance - Structures: - Nodules: clusters in the tissues of cells: have direct exposure and contact to any antigen passing through tissues - Nodes: tiny organs/glands, lymphatics exposed to lymph - Spleen: immune cells are exposed to blood (blood filter) - Thymus: T-lymphocytes differenciate and mature here - Lymphoid tissue: - Stroma: made up of fibres (reticular/circular) - Reticular cells are found in thymus and lymph nodes found in the spleen - Fixed macroghages (phagocytosis) - Fibroblasts - Free cells: most lymphocytes (various stages) - Free macrophages - Plasma cells (produce antibodies) - Granuolcytes (Esnophils, Basnophils,etc) - APC - Lymphatic capillaries; continue to get larger and drain into the venous system (capillary fluid) - There is no lymph in the brain - Lymph drainage/flow: - Interstitial fluid lymph nodes  venous system  portal system (liver) - ¾ of the body drains into the lymphatic system - B cells defferenciate into plasma cells - Lymph nodes are the size of a lima bean - Spleen: - On left side of the body above abdominal just before the ribcage - Has a helium (opening to it) - Functions of the spleen: - Exposure to blood - Phagocytosis - Lymphocytes (store RBC’s and platelets) - Potential: hematopoietic reserve - Blood flow through lymph: red pulp (fluid from RBC) - Splenic artery = blood to spleen - Central artery and dividing arteries - Sinocids: widening to collect blood connects to venous return - White pulp (fluid from WBC’s) - Collection of lymphocytes, neutrophages, granuocytes,
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