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Lecture 7

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Health Sciences
B Jeynes

Lecture # 7: Nervous System Part 2: - Exam = 60 MC questions - 1/3 on first term stuff (lecture 1-5) - 2/3 on second term stuff (lectures 6-12) - Look more at nervous system lectures and content rather than all the information in the textbook (too much detail that don’t need to know) Main Points Today: - the functions of the nervous system (NS) are distributed in the structural organization of the nervous system - proper functioning of each NS division depends upon interdependent afferent / efferent cooperation - what gets done consciously and unconsciously is amazing! The Spinal Cord: - conducts nerves impulses to and from the brain - processes some sensory information to allow reflex (motor) actions - peripheral nerves - will be dealing with - Fib 13-1 The Spinal Cord - Fig 14-10 - This figure is very helpful when looking at the different layers (3 main) - Central canal - contains cerebral spinal fluid - 2 roots Posterior/dorsal and anterior - join to form a peripheral nerve - Spinal Cord Structure & Meninges - Fig 14-2 - Ganglion - connection of nerve cells not part of the CNS - Landmarks & Grey Matter Functional Organization of the Spinal Cord - ventral roots - are motor neurons - and going to both visceral, and somatic (all sensory) - between T1 and L2, there is a horn of grey matter (horn = shape) surround by white matter - White Matter Columns & Comparative Functional Organization in the Spinal Cord - all peripheral nerves contain both sensory and motor components - Peripheral Nerve Reminder – Fig - Peripheral Distribution of Spinal Nerves Fig. 14- 6 - An Example - Reflexes - Fig 14-17 - Multiplicity of Sensory Receptors - The Brain: - Brain Development - Fig. 16 -1 - starts as a tube - later different tube - The Cerebral Hemisphere - lobe - there is a frontal lope, parietal lobe - General Divisions & functions of the brain - Hypothalamus- areas that have to do with em
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