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Lecture 8

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Health Sciences
B Jeynes

CHSC 2F95 Lecture # 8: Endocrine system (horomes): - KNOW THE HOROME CHART!! Main Points Today - the endocrine system regulates body functions via the release of hormones into the vascular system - feedbacks mechanisms play a critical role in endocrine efficacy - the endocrine system is PRIMARILY regulated via the pituitary gland - Feedback Mechanism - KNOW - from hypothalamus, there are signals sent to particularly anterior pituitary, the releases via the blood system - then sent to specific organs - Pituitary Gland - made up of two basic lobes: posterior and anterior - Posterior - neurohypophysis: - infundibulum, - pars nervosa - Anterior - adenohypophysis: - pars intermedia - pars distalis - pars tuberalis - Pituitary Gross Anatomy - Hypothalamic Control - Fig. 19-2 - three control mechanisms - General Pituitary Structure & Actions - Pituitary Hypophyseal Portal System - Fig. 19-5 - there are cell in hypothalamus that release ADH hormone and oxytocin 0 released directly from their own blood vessels - Pituitary Hormones - Fig. 19-4 - NEED TO STUDY - The Thyroid Gland Fig 19-5 (know where located) - highly vascularized (ALL endocrine glands are highly vascularized) - within the gland, there are follicles, materials are being produced - seed cells -Thyroid Follicle Function - follicular epithelium - follicular epithelium produces - thyroglobulins T4 & T3 - thyroglobulins stored in thyroid follicle - release of thyroglobulin regulated b
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