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Lecture 9

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CHSC 2F95 Lecture # 9: - Digestive System - Long tube = whole system - Includes: ducts, glands, and organs - In passing through the tube materials are prepared and digested and eliminated - Absorbed materials enter blood or lymphatic system and there they are distributed to the rest of the body - Process: food in mouth, thorax, passes epiglottis (flap separates trachea and esophagus and continues down tube of esophagus to abdomen (stomach), to small intestine (where food is digested) then to large intestine (then bladder and out of the body) - Bolus: name of food/materials travelling through the digestive system - Mesenteries & Omenta Fig. 25-4b - The Oral Cavity Fig. 25-5 - The Salivary Glands Fig. 25-6 - - amylase - digestive enzyme that starts breaking starch down in mouth - Swallowing Fig. 25-8 - - upper part (pharynx) - we have control over what we are digesting - - smooth muscle beneath the upper part - we no longer have control - Peristalsis Fig. 25-3 - tube squeezing - General Structure of Gut Tube - - Mucosa: epithelium- lamina propria- muscularis mucosae - - Submucosa: glands - - Muscularis Externa: smooth muscles- outer longitudinal, inner circular, & 3rd layer: stomach- innermost oblique - - Serosa - Abdominal Region Fig. 25-12 - The Stomach Fig. 25-10 - Stomach Wall Fig. 25-13 - lining of mucous epithelium - myenteric plexus - Gastric Glands (pits) Fig. 25-13 - The Small Intestine Fig. 25-4 - Gross Structure
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