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Lecture 10

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Health Sciences
B Jeynes

CHSC 2F95 Lecture #10 Urinary System: - System of tubes - Facilitates and regulates body fluid levels and regulates solute limitations of body wastes - Function depends on the system , it’s totally dependent on the association between vascular/urinary compartments - Progress Exam - 60 mc 70% weighted toward second half of term - the urinary system is a system of tubes that facilitate the regulation of body fluid levels, regulate (solute) and the illumination of body waste - Urinary System: - Renal Relations - 1 - - kidney is inferior to the diaphragm - Renal Relations - 2 - - right kidney is a bit lower than the left kidney (because of the liver) - - the kidney is only partially covered by the ribs, the muscles of the back is the only thing protecting it - Renal Relations - 3 - Fig.26-1 - - kidney is protected by fat tissues, as well as some muscle - Renal Functions of Kidney -1 - - clear blood of metabolic wastes - - regulate body fluid & salt concentration - - eliminates foreign chemicals - - maintains acid/base balance of body - - secretes hormones - renin & erythropoietin - - regulate blood volume & blood pressure - - conserve nutrient - - synthesize carcitriol - causes Ca+ absoption in the intestines - - acts as detoxifier (poisons) & deamination (during starvation) - - produces urine - - The Bladder Fig. 26-10 - - a smooth muscle wall sac, its sole function is to reserve urine that has been produced in kidneys - - urine is deposited from each kidney by the ureters, the ureters pass obliquely through the wall and into the bladder - - Gross Renal Structure - Fig. 26-3 - - renal cortex- lighter pink striated area - - Big Tubes of the kidney - Fig. 26-3 - - there is a tubular collection system that will collect all the urine produced - - Renal Blood Supply - 1 -
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