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Lecture 3

HLSC 2P21 Lecture 3: Chapter 4

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Brock University
Health Sciences
Terrance Wade

Chapter 4 Health Care Division of Labour Work arrangements and social relations of the various personnel providing health and illness care, both formal and informal Historical divisions Contemporary divisions o No regulated ways in which these occupations provided care, and who provided what o Things changed certain professions gained more credibility, variety, etc. o Pharmacists do work under the physicians need a prescription Process of professionalization Medical socialization o Control the practice of medicine at the exclusion of other members to do it Medical Socialization Functionalist perspective o Career decisions tied to ambition o Gaining privilegedpenetrating access to peoples bodies o Maintain emotional distancedetachment o Dealing with uncertainty of outcomes of treatment through shared values in profession Interactionist perspective o Students assuming identity of medical doctor o getting through training program o Idealism cynicism o Cloak of competenceimpression management o Classsexracebased recruiting of students creating tensions in doctorpatient relationships Medicine is the only profession that is legally allowed to cut someone within the confines of the profession This separation allowing them to do the work needed to be done o Medicine aspect Through this process of socialization, physicians become adept with understanding the uncertainty of medical knowledge, outcome of treatment (not always successful) o Shared sense of values within the profession that we deal with this uncertainty and the varies of this knowledge base of medicine Assume this identity of a medical doctor this identity becomes part of yourself Training deals with the idea of getting through the amount of work required to become a physician as opposed to thinking from a structural perspective Become cynical with respect to the profession having this error of perception that youre faking it Functionalist Approaches Trait approach o A high level of skill that was based on theoretical knowledge o A professional culture sustained by an association o An altruistic service orientation o An adherence to an ethical code of conduct
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