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Tony Bogaert

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CHSC 2P49 – Theories of Health Behavior Lecture 1 - September 4/13 The study of Health and Behavior demands/focus: 1. Theories of health behavior (Why we do what we do? How can we change?)  Health belief model, Trans-theoretical model, self-efficacy, IMB, Cognitive behavior theory, and social engineering 2. Health Promotion and Maintenance  Keeping people well and happy  Promoting healthy eating habits, safe sex.. 3. Behavioral (psych/social) aspects of prevention and treatment of illness  Manage stress to prevent illness  Help people to adjust to illness 4. Etiology and correlates of health/illness  Causes of an illness are related to health behavior  How stress effects illness  How alcohol consumption affects accident rates 5. Study of health care systems and formation of policy  Information on procedures affecting patients Why Study Health and Behavior? 1. Interesting  Large amount of health multimedia 2. Changing pattern of illness makes health and behavior important  Less mortality from acute disorders in the industrial/western world (TB)  More mortality from chronic illness (cancer, heart disease)  Learn how health behavior knowledge is useful for chronic illness A. Behavioral factors help cause chronic illness (lifestyle) B. Behavioral issues arise out of chronic conditions (chronic illness/treatment requires psychological adjustment) C. Helps pain/treatment regiments/ family of chronic patient 3. Demonstrated contributions to improve health  Imagery and pain management  BEH modification to overcome smoking  Interventions to incre
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