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Lecture 1

HLSC 3P37 Lecture 1: HLSC 3P37 Lecture 1 and 2

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Health Sciences
Paula Gardner

Qualitative Research in Health Sciences – Week 1 Group Work Qualitative research aims to understand and explain the meaning of things and their interrelationships in non-numeric forms… Why? - Why older residents have their house and why they pick one or another Characteristics: - Occurs in natural setting - Researcher is the key instrument - Incorporates multiple methods (Videos, interviews, etc) - Complex reasoning; inductive and deductive logic (inductive used more) - Focus on participants meanings - Allows for an emergent/evolving design - Reflexivity is considered and reported (researcher’s positionality is important; their assumptions and judgments) - Holistic reasoning -> understanding complexity of life NOT the opposite of quantitative as each has value!! Exam Question: What are the strengths and limitations of each? Overall Framework Qualitative generally deals in words, etc while quantitative is numbers. Mixed methods includes both numbers and personal stories… Mixed Methods studies are often used when you need to explore an issue, problem and need complex details (rich data). How and why something occurs, and empowering individuals is important. - Explaining mechanisms - Understanding context (Settings, situations) - Developing theories Go beyond description… explain why! Example Pain -> very complicated and subjective Children who do not understand 1-10, facial expressions on video can be used instead… What do qualitative researchers do? - Go outside (naturalistic inquity) - Talk to people individually or in groups (in depth interviews) - Watch people (participant observation) - Following/shadowing people (how people use objects such as canes) Growing Pains Project - Stress and coping among Brock University Students - Understand this to develop health promotion strategies at Brock Recruitment - 2 year student - Attending Brock - Any department - Willing to be interviewed and recorded anonymously Qualitative Research in Health Sciences – Week 2 Quiz All of the following are approaches used by qualitative researchers except… a. Indepth interviews b. Participant observation c. Surveys that are about frequency d. Document analysis Document analysis: using documents as data; analysing photographs, newspaper articles, etc. According to the textbook, qualitative researchers often get their
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