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Lecture 4

HLSC 3P37 Lecture 4: HLSC3P37

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Health Sciences
Paula Gardner

Qualitative Research in Health Sciences – Week 4 Quiz In qualitative research, researchers often believe that knowledge is created in collaboration with those who are researched… this assumption is related to the researcher’s… epistemology (how we know what we know) All researchers are aware that they have a worldview that influences their research… False – all have a worldview but not all are aware of it… Some examples of paradigms of inquiry… Critical Theory and Post-Positivism *difference between methodology and methods … methodology is approach to study; methods are data collection … surveys/interviews vs narrative Quantitative researchers approach research more often from a positivist or post-positivist worldview… True – reality is testable and objective… there is only one reality and only one truth A type of qualitative research which include participants in all stages of research … Participatory Action Research In qualitative research emic refers to research from an insiders perspective whereas etic refers to research from an outsiders perspective… True Emic perspective -> ethnography!! In qualitative research, analysis begins immediately after the literature review has been conducted… False – as soon as you start collecting your data In quantitative research you analyze after data was collected. In qualitative research, “saturation” means you can stop collecting data! The research purpose statement… - provides roadmap - Methodology - Central phenomenon All the above! Qualitative research is open ended Qualitative Research Process… General topic -> lit review design data collection -> analysis + results (can revisit literature) -> writing and dissemination If pa
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