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Lecture 3

HLSC 3P37 Lecture 3: HLSC3P37

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Health Sciences
Paula Gardner

Qualitative Research in Health Sciences – Week 3 Quiz Difference between methodology and methods is… Methodology describes the research process and methods are data collection tools Method: Survey Methodology: Narrative What qualitative methodology is most suitable for the following study? The purpose of this study is to understand the essence of lived experience of stress in university students Phenomenology Does it make sense to use quantitative design for this study? Smoking affecting lung capacity of teenage girls True Which is a more appropriate qualitative research question? How does smoking affect lung capacity How does smoking affect relationships with family Qualitative researchers most often follow an inductive approach… This means: They start with the social world and find a theory that supports it When a researcher no longer learns anything in a research setting, he or she has reached the stage of… theoretical saturation Varies from quantitative because you have to do x number of interviews but you can stop with qualitative when you hit theoretical saturation. If a researcher’s paradigm is a positivism perspective, he or she sees reality From a realist perspective. One of the foundations of qualitative research is to reject the notion of an objective reality… True – all truths are subjective to the observer Being aware of the researcher’s philosophical assumptions is important because: It affects how they make research questions, how they seek info, and how they view the world… ALL THE ABOVE Research is guided by a set of beliefs (worldview/paradigm) A paradigm is: - Your worldview - Guided set of beliefs A continuum of positivism (quantitative) -> constructionism (qualitative) Researcher’s paradigms are based on: - Ontology - Methodo
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