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Lecture 3

CHSC 4P99 Lecture 3: Diagnosis II.pdf

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Brock University
Health Sciences
Brent Faught

2 wrong on quiz Diagnosis II January-27-15 1:53 PM The following questions are on the midterm Positive Likelihood Ratios • The likelihood that a person with the disease will have a positiveresult relative to someone who does not have the disease • Are treated like odds ratio • P(T+|D+)/P(T+|D-) • Sensitivity/ false positive rate ○ People who have the disease that test positive to the people who tested positive that do not have the disease • Exam: sensitivity, positive predictive value, positive likelihood ratio Negative Likelihood Ratio • P(T-|D+)/P(T-|D-) • False negative rate/specificity • 1-sensitivity/specificity • The likelihood that a person with a disease will have a negative test result relative to someone who does not have the disease • Exam: false negative rate and negative likelihood ratio Problem Set: A patient with anemia presents a serum ferritin of 60 mmol/L. Below is a summary result of serum ferritin as a diagnostic test for iron deficiency anemia Serum ferratin D+ D- <65 mmol/L 731 270 >65 mmol/L 78 1500 Interpreting Likelihood Ratio Likelihood Ratio Interpretation > 10 Strong evidence to rule in disease 0.5-2 No significantchange in the likelihoodof the disease < 0.1 Strong evidence to rule out disease • Both play off one another, when one is high the other is low Diagnostic Accuracy • Overall accuracy • Being able to identify the true positives and negatives • (A+D)/All • What is
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