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Studies in Comparative Literatures and Cultures
Richard Brown

RLGAO2-Judaism slide 3 charicature. Exagerates, pattern to it. Distortion that becomes a pattern. Short hand way of capturing important features. History for mono relgns-events unfold and God is aware of that and is actively participating. Revelation-relates to ongoing events of that time. Eastern religions not as historical religions more like timless... more like conceptual. More like an abstract idea. NO detail about origins of text. In mono relgns. Events are marked by times-refers to history of these religions. Differene between east and west-why is islam in western tradition textbook? Related to mono religions and biblicial religions. Revelation-message needs to be expressed in some different in order to get it crossed, if it is repeated. Each time its not repetition. How is judaism differnt? No real founder, singular person. More like a sequence. Ethnic designation , Because not really practicing, jew because of parents. Stories in Torah are not myth, stoties are for guidance, one of 5 books of moses. God is also refered to in plural sense along with singular sense. SLIDE 4 hewbrew bible are oral traditions passed along which moses recieved. SLIDE 5 sacred history different than history- second account-world has been created how isAdam created in image of God? Adam and Eve-garden of eden story-before they got in trouble, they named the animals. Gained mastery of naming. God creates through naming. In Quran like “let it be” and it happens. So before they are thrown out, they are happy and sing praises of God. They kind og live childly. serpent tells them that the tree is of knowledge. Tricks them into believing that they will get God like wisdom. God inreprets this as disobedience. Therfore they are exiled on basis of not following guidlines.so hardhsips in the world and world would be tough for them. Theme of contract, obedience and punishment and also theme of exile is imortant to jewish tradition. First event that happened from God. In jewish context it does not mean God is not caring, God always gives continous chances. Metaphor of st
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