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Studies in Comparative Literatures and Cultures
Richard Brown

Readings 1 Part 1Introductory Note Readings Pg 19 Insider and Outsider perspectiveLearning to be objective but is there only one truthReligious people speak from experience and outsider view is considered the scholarly view and secularization of the older views thus the difference religious vs Secular study of religion East and westAlthough there is no borderline the east is considered to be religions that contain sages and teachers with insight and western contain prophets with revelations Readings Pg 71157 The Rabbinic MovementThe second temple collapsed and power no longer rested with priests but rabbis leader master teacher and legal specialists and they wanted unified community to practice their law rabbinic Judaismand it was not hereditary but handed interpretation of law to an educated class open to anyone seeking education and today Jews are rabbinic Jews and temple services are transformed into and recorded in synagogue The SynagogueSynagogues served as a place of assembly study and prayer Torah became the niche eternal lamp to be read in synagoguesSix panted star called Magen David is in synagogues Scripture and commentaryFive scrolls of the law 400 BCE ascribed by Moses but completed afterwards 200 BCE 2 collections law and prophets and later development of sacred writings Midrash see review quiz termsexact definition Repentance Circles the concept of God forgiving if one repentsProcedure of repentance is person admitting to have done something wrong true and honest sorrow for action and promise to never repeat action Compensation to person that became hurt is still due or capital punishment and God accepts repentance because God knows intention
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