Data and Knowledge Management [Chapter 3]

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Brock University
Information Technology Information Systems
Tejaswini Herath

Chapter 3Data Management Common Categories and Sources of Information Market Information Competitor Information Macroeconomic and Geopolitical Information Supplier Information External Financial Information Information on Regulations and Taxation Internal Information Production Information Human Resource Information Internal Financial Information Difficulties in managing data include the amount of data increasing exponentially An ever increasing amount of data needs to be considered in making organizational decisions Data are scattered and collected by many individuals using various methods and devices as well as data coming rom many sourcesTraditional Approach of File Management System Drawbacks Data redundancy Duplication of data in separate files Lack of data integrity The degree to which the data in any one file is accurate Programdata dependence Database Management Systems DBMS minimize the following problems 1Data redundancyduplication 2Data isolationdata dependence 3Data inconsistency Costs and Risks Requirement for new specialized personnel Installation and management cost and complexity Conversion costs Need for explicit backup and recovery 1 The same data are stored in many places2 Applications cannot access data associated with other applications3 Various copies of the data do not agree
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