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Cultural formation and cohesion
Taken for granted
Mindfulness and critical mindedness
Cultures look, think, and communicate as they do for very practical reasons: to have a common frame of
reference that provides a widely shared understanding of the world and of their identities within it; to
organize and coordinate their actions, activities, and social relationships; and to accommodate and
adapt to the pressures and forces that influence culture as a whole.
- Pg. 33
From last week:
- Culture is a learned set of shared interpretations about beliefs, values, norms and social
practices, which affect the behaviours of a relatively large group of people.
o (L & K, 2010, Pg. 25)
Culture vs Nation
Cultural boundaries are often synonymous with national boundaries
Nation and culture are not the same.
Nation is an artificial construct that is overlaid over a geopolitical region that tries to give the
impression of coherent culture. How coherent are they as cultures. For example, Canada and
the United States.
Nation “is an imagined political community – and imagined as both inherently limited and sovereign.”
Benedict Anderson Imagined Communities (1991, p. 6)
Imagined artificially created union, which presupposes a connection in act or creed in spite of
the impossibility of engaging all citizens.
Limited clearly defined boundaries laid out through legislation and / or conflict with
Sovereign responsible only to its own citizens, defending and protecting their own interests
Community imagined as fraternity; an equality that validates one’s belonging as peer
Many cultures strive for national identity
Israel arose out of a recognition of national identity for the Jewish culture
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American Civil War in part an attempt to form an independent state where the value of human
slavery was accepted
Quebec referenda
Forces affecting culture formation and cohesion
From the text:
- History
- Ecology
- Technology
- Biology
- Institutional networks
- Interpersonal communication patterns
- Economy
- Media
- Art
- Literature
- Sports
David McCulloch (pg. 35) Quote
(insert quote here)
The unique experiences that have become a part of a culture’s collective wisdom constitute its
history. (L & K, 2010, P. 33)
Text: wars, inheritance rules, religious practices, etc.
Focus more
United States
Country formed by armed revolution
o Rejection of monarchy
o Rejection of ‘unfair’ taxes
o Those loyal to crown emigrated, leaving ‘rebels’ behind individuals who believe in self-
government, not imposed government
Result: society
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