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The 5 Major Dimensions
Translated into a socio-cultural model, Hofstede’s dimensions of culture became:
Power distance caste system in India/ Pakistan etc.
Uncertainty avoidance social groupings. A low uncertainty avoidance means it is a culture that
is acceptant of change. High uncertainty avoidance means they need a very clear understanding
of the changes and their results. (low uncertainty example: Buddhism ; high uncertainty
example: North America, we are very structured etc.)
Individualism vs. collectivism Individualism ex. Is America, collective cultures are more of the
eastern one
Masculinity vs. femininity femininity is more about empathy, masculinity is more about “a lack
of caring” or putting human good and care second
Long term vs short term building towards the future vs. building for immediate pleasure
Power distance: related to the different solutions to the basic problem of human inequality
Uncertainty avoidance: related to the level of stress in a society in the face of an unknown
Individualism vs. collectivism: related to the integration of individuals into primary groups
Masculinity vs. Femininity: related to the division of emotional roles between women and men.
Long-term vs. short-term time orientation: related to the choice of people’s focus for efforts:
the future, the present or the past
Power Distance
Small Power Distance
High Power Distance
Use of power should be legitimate and
ethically applied
Parents treat children as equals
Older people are neither respected nor
Student-centered education
Hierarchy of roles established for
Subordinates expect to be consulted
Income distribution relatively equal
Power is a basic fact of society no
responsibility in wielding
Parents teach/ expect obedience
Older people are both respected and
Teacher-centered education
Hierarchy means exsistential inequality
Subordinates expect to be told what to do
Income distribution is unequal
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