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Intercultural Studies
Jeff Reichheld

Identity and Biases 2 Barack Obamathe first American president of African descent OtherSocial role marked by its difference and unknowability which in some ways is quite threatening to the stability of the social structures you occupy Other inIngroupOutgroupMe not me ConceptsIdentity a relatively stable understanding of ones self and its relationship to the surrounding world cultureChoices limited to what is acceptable within that particular cultureStereotyping the process of categorising information for easier understandinguseGroup formationcultural identity aids group formation by defining what is good and what is bad who belongs and who doesntIndividual alignment with the groups values norms and social practices determines group belonging developing ingroups and outgroupsBenefits of group membership o Protection o Familiarity o More efficient use of resources o Division of labourroles o Increased efficiency o Increased leisure time o Entertainment etc oIn group people with whom you share a strong cooperative bond usOutgroup everyone else notusProcesses o Social categorizingo Stereotyping o Ethnocentrism o Prejudice o Discrimination
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