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Intercultural Studies
Jeff Reichheld

Cultural Patterns Todays PlanBeliefsValuesNormsSocial behaviours Introduction to Kluckhorn and Strodtbecks value orientations Introduction of Assignment 2 Cultural PatternsShared beliefs values norms and social practices that arePg 85Cultural patterns are expressed as concrete actions within a particular context o Communication o Foodo Artefacts o EtcThat arise out of more abstract aspects of human experienceCultural patterns are interpretive frames that provide a means for operating in the particular circumstances in which we liveGeert Hofstede calls these patterns software of the mindFactors affecting cultural patterns o Biology o Geography location o Environment lived and natural o TechnologyWithin each of these settings groups of people respond to the particular combination of circumstances in ways that allow the continuance of social lifeSolutions are found for the unique problems that each of these settings presents CompareOpen fertile grasslands with abundant water and nearby trees in a moderate climate Draft animals and strong metallurgical skillsTropical rainforest with thin soil and no metals to speak of an abundance of animals and fruits
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