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Brock University
Intercultural Studies
Jeff Reichheld

Cultural formation and cohesion Taken for granted Mindfulness and critical mindednessCultures look think and communicate as they do for very practical reasons to have a common frame of reference that provides a widely shared understanding of the world and of their identities within it to organize and coordinate their actions activities and social relationships and to accommodate and adapt to the pressures and forces that influence culture as a wholePg 33From last weekCulture is a learned set of shared interpretations about beliefs values norms and social practices which affect the behaviours of a relatively large group of people o LK 2010 Pg 25 Culture vs NationCultural boundaries are often synonymous with national boundariesNation and culture are not the sameNation is an artificial construct that is overlaid over a geopolitical region that tries to give the impression of coherent culture How coherent are they as cultures For example Canada and the United StatesNation is an imagined political communityand imagined as both inherently limited and sovereign Benedict Anderson Imagined Communities 1991 p 6Imaginedartificially created union which presupposes a connection in act or creed in spite of the impossibility of engaging all citizensLimitedclearly defined boundaries laid out through legislation andor conflict with neighboursSovereignresponsible only to its own citizens defending and protecting their own interestsCommunityimagined as fraternity an equality that validates ones belonging as peer Many cultures strive for national identityIsrael arose out of a recognition of national identity for the Jewish culture
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