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Intercultural Studies
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INTC 1F90 Week 3 Communicationthe Grand Narrative Strangerness is anything that makes you stand out PlanCommunicationdefinition and role in cultureGrand narrativeintroduction and implicationsCulture realmsintroduction Communication DefinitionFusting and Koester 2010 define Communication as a symbolic interpretive transactional contextual process in which people create shared meanings p13SymbolicA symbol is a word action or object that stands in for or represents a unit of meaning Lustig and Koester 2010 p13Linguistic symbol is arbitrary and conventionalo Ie no logical connection but agreeduponIn language a combination of symbols words creates a complex message sentence etc that conveys a particular conceptMust be interpreted ie not natural Other important classes of symbolsEmblem artificially created but accepted as meaningful o Ex Surgite Is accepted as an emblem of Brock UniversitySign bears some logical relationship o ie deer track a trace left by a deers foot indicates that the deer had been there InterpretivePeople must interpret the symbolic behaviours of others and assign significance to some of those behaviours in order to create a meaningful account Lustig and Koester 2010 p 14The closer the relationship between participants the greater the similarity of interpretive frames consequently the less work required to understandPossible outcomes of interpretation o Understanding successful interpretation decoding of message same or similar interpretive strategies on place
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