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Strategies for Successful Intercultural Communication.docx

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Intercultural Studies
Jeff Reichheld

Strategies for Successful Intercultural Communication PLAN Motivations In CommunicationHP Grice in his discussion of linguistic communication in English 1975 argued that when people communicate they do so with the intent of transmitting correct information Any perceived deviance from this willingness is therefore meaningful and an intentional form of communicationMaxims or norms of communication o Quantity make effort to supply appropriate amount of informationjust enough but not too much o Quality make an effort to supply right kind of information true and can be supported with evidence o Relevance effort to stay on topic o Manner effort to maintain appropriate style to the conversation Cooperation PrincipleMake your conversational contribution such as is required at the stage which it occurs but the accepted purpose or direction of the talk exchange in which you are engagedo Quoted from Bowe and Martin 2007 p 10Grices cooperation principle can be extrapolated to intercultural communication to argue that when one engages in intercultural communication one is willingly intentionally communicating Thus any difference from this expectation is consequently interpreted asOtherThe differences that create the situation of intercultural communication magnify the normal process of otheringthe identification of those who are different as very different almost as objects to be examined or manipulated Connects to the concepts of emic and eticperception and the inability to share experience A misapprehension of the nature of the other magnifies the large cultural differences problematizing the experience of intercultural communication
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