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Intercultural Studies
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Jeff Reichheld

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The 5 Major Dimensions Translated into a sociocultural model Hofstedes dimensions of culture becamePower distancecaste system in India Pakistan etcUncertainty avoidancesocial groupings A low uncertainty avoidance means it is a culture that is acceptant of change High uncertainty avoidance means they need a very clear understanding of the changes and their results low uncertainty example Buddhismhigh uncertainty example North America we are very structured etcIndividualism vs collectivismIndividualism ex Is America collective cultures are more of the eastern oneMasculinity vs femininityfemininity is more about empathy masculinity is more about a lack of caring or putting human good and care secondLong term vs short termbuilding towards the future vs building for immediate pleasurePower distance related to the different solutions to the basic problem of human inequality Uncertainty avoidance related to the level of stress in a society in t
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