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Intercultural Studies
Jeff Reichheld

AgendaGlobeThe Platinum RuleTwo weeks ago we looked atDo unto others as they would have you do unto them Ample evidence shows that cultures of the world are getting more and more interconnected and that the business world is becoming increasingly global As economic borders come down cultural barriers will most likely come down cultural barriers will most likely go up and present new challenges and opportunities in businessRobert J House 2004 p 1 In Culture Leadership and Organization Project GLOBEProject GLOBE is a long term analysis of cultural patterns directed at Organizational Behaviour in an intercultural settingRobert J House was a researcher in management and organizational behaviour at U of T the University of Pennsylvania Wharton school among othersGlobal Leadership and Organizational Behaviour EffectivenessSpecifically directed at business needs examining leadership qualities as they relate to the changing needs of intercultural businessLike Hofstedes work Project GLOBE studied a large amount of data but in many intercultural business settings o Roughly 20000 samples from 61 cultures o Investigating the qualities necessary for effective leadership across culturesUnlike Hofstede Project GLOBE measured both o Idea values o Actual responses Comparing these results to describe cultures desired leadership qualitiesProject GLOBEs dimensions reflect Hofstedes dimensions and Kluckhohn and Strodbecks values o Power distance H o Uncertainty Avoidance H o InGroup Collectivism H Split o Institutional Collectivism H Split o Gender Egalitariansim H Split
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